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Back Pain Specialist

Central California Neurology

Neurologists located in Salinas, CA & Monterey, CA

Central California Neurology is a full-service neurological facility that specializes in the treatment of many different types of back pain. The doctors and staff members provide services to residents who live in and around the Salinas and Monterey, California area.

Back Pain Q & A

Can Injuries that Cause Back Pain be Prevented?

Injuries that cause back pain can be prevented. While accidents will happen, there are certain circumstances that result in back injuries that don't need to happen. Using improper lifting techniques is one of the main causes of injuries and chronic back pain. The stress and strain of pushing or pulling large items can also have an effect on the lower back. Many back injuries can be prevented by taking simple precautions. Never lift or move heavy objects without assistance. Wearing an approved back brace can offer lumbar support and prevent stress injuries to the lower part of the spine.

How is Chronic Back Pain Treated?

Chronic back pain can be treated with physical therapy, exercise, pain relievers, and anti-inflammatory medications. Acute back pain is normally treated with strong medications, but chronic pain needs long-term management. Taking strong medications on a long-term basis can lead to other health problems. An EMG/NCV test can help determine the severity of the injury that is causing the pain. Once the cause has been determined, the doctor can create an effective treatment plan that will help to manage the pain and possibly help to heal the injury. Managing chronic back pain effectively can improve the quality of life, and also help the person remain physically active.

What are Symptoms of a Pinched Nerve?

A pinched nerve occurs when a peripheral nerve becomes trapped or "pinched" between two other body parts, either muscles or bones. If the nerve remains in this position for any length of time, certain symptoms begin to appear. Numbness, tingling, pain and general discomfort are possible. The longer the nerve remains trapped, the more severe the symptoms will become. An EMG/NCV test can determine the degree of damage that has occurred in the area if the nerve has been compromised. Physical therapy, stretching, and medications that work by relaxing the muscles are all effective treatment methods that have few side effects and offer positive results.

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